Unusual Destinations

Unusual holiday destinations to inspire your next adventure.

Are you looking for something truly breathtaking and mind-expanding?

Some of our locations are often described as dark and dangerous.

In reality, however, these places have so much more in common, such as culture, spirituality and rich history.

Dark Travel collected the most exciting places that you should visit at least once in your life.




Dark Persian Empire


The Persian Empire was a vast empire in the Near East, with Iran as centrepiece. On a journey to the darkest sights of Iran.

12d/11n - 1480€ - Min 8 pers - 1630€ - Min 6/ 1915€ - Min 4 / 2195€ - Min 2 pers
from € 1480.00 pp

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Uzbekistan - Heart of the Silk Route / Aral sea.


Heart of the Silk Route / Aral Sea.
There are many beautiful and unique places to visit in Uzbekistan. Why not visit one of the biggest natural disasters in the world.
The "Aral Sea" or what is left of it. An abandoned arid plain full of rusted shipwrecks

1001 Dark Nights: During the tour ‘In the country of thousand and one dark nights’, there is a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the culture of the East and get wonderful impressions..

Deep into the middle ages: Through the Ways of Ancient Caravans’, you have opportunity to deep into the Middle Ages and to see an extent centuries-old culture with own eyes.

14d/13n - 1445€ - Min 8 pers / 1525€ - Min 6 / 1915€ - Min 4 / 2155€ - Min 2 pers
from € 1445.00 pp
10d/9n - 1055€ - Min 8 pers / 1210€ - Min 4 - 6 pers / 1495€ - Min 2 pers
from € 1055.00 pp
8d/7n - 935€ - Min 8 pers / 995€ - 4 - 6 Pers / 1115€ - Min 2 pers
from € 935.00 pp

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Malta & Gozo - Hiden Secrets


Malta & Gozo: These tiny islands are covert with history, culture and stunning beaches. Escape the crowds and  immerse yourself in the island’s rich history, hidden secrets and natural beauty.

You cannot visit Malta without exploring the sister island of Gozo. If you fancy a unusual adventure after visiting the unusual sites, you could explore some of Gozo’s hidden gems by going for a hike along island’s rugged coast

8d/7n - 1125€ - M 12p // 1140€ - M 10p // 1165€ - M 8p // 1265€ - M 6p // 1595€ - M 4p // 2525€ - M 2p
from € 1125.00 pp

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Northern Cyprus: Hidden and unusual places.

Northern Cyprus

Crossing the "Green Line"

Surprising and exceptionally beautiful with a warm welcome. A new discovery!!!

North Cyprus has a rich and very interesting history.

There are many unusual, historical and interesting places to visit, in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Nicosia and the Karpaz Peninsula.

8d/7n - min 4 pers
from € 565.00 pp

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The Magic of Discovery.


Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and once the heart of the Roman Empire of Africa.

Sahara: walk through many desolate unique landscapes.

Walking through winding medinas, relaxing in ancient oases and discovering a multicoloured salt lake. Along the way we will explore relics of the many civilisations this country was once rich - from the ruins of Carthage to the remains of Roman amphitheatres. Adjacent to the endless sandy desert, the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. Its architecture, culture and cuisine of Tunisia are as diverse and dynamic as its centuries-old history.



12d/11n - 1250€ - 10 pax / 1410€ - 8 pax / 1530€ - 6 pax / 1775€ - 4 pax / 2040€ - 2 pax
from € 1250.00 pp

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The V O C in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

V O C: The United East India Company.

Remains of Dutch domination.
Centuries ago, Portuguese, English and Dutch set foot in Sri Lanka.
In the time of the Dutch rule they left their footprints. Roads, canals, forts and walled city districts, fortresses such as (Leiden, Utrecht and Delft), churches, the architecture of some buildings still remind us of the time of the Dutch.

Colombo - Negombo - Kalpitiya - Anuradhapura - Mannar - Jaffna - Delft Island - Trincomalee - Passikhuda - Batticoloa - Tissamaharama - Yala NP - Galle

14d/13n - 1330€ - M 4/6 p // 1595€ - M 2 p
from € 1330.00 pp

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Unusual & Hidden North Sumatra


North Sumatra is filled with all kinds of natural wonders!

From the historic city of Medan, magnificent volcanoes beautiful lakes and a unique coastline, you’ll definitely be in awe at the natural wonders you can find here.

Discover this hidden gem !!!

Medan historic city - Pulo Berayan / Japanese POW camps - Karo highlands - Climb Sibayak volcano - Lake Toba -  Malakka seastreet - Wreck diving

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Japan "Land of The Rising Sun"

Dark, hidden, obscure and unusual sights.

Japan is perhaps the most enigmatic country in the Far East and certainly one that offers exciting travel experiences, including some of the world's top destination for dark tourism!
Japan's darkest locations are largely related to the Second World War, including one of its worst aspects: the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs.

Fukushima - Aokigahara - Hashima - Hiroshima - Okinawa


March 11, 2011: A tsunami caused a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which is considered to be the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Aokigahara suicide forest
Another place that attracted the interest of Dark Travel was Aokigahara, the "suicide forest" of Japan.

Hashima Island
One of the most spectacular ghost towns on earth thanks to its unique location: a small island off the coast southwest of Nagasaki.

Okinawa - WWII
Okinawa island is indeed a rich dark tourist destination that brings us into contact with one of the most horrible battles of the Pacific in the second world war.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
On 6 August 1945, the American army dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima; three days later, a second bomb was detonated, this time on the city of Nagasaki.


9d/8n - Guide - Min 2 pers - Aokighara - Hashima - Hiroshima - Nagasaki
from € 2260.00 pp
11d/10n - Guided - inclusive Fukushima
from € 2675.00 pp
12d/11n - Guided - inclusive Okinawa
from € 2990.00 pp

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Unusual Belgium

Belgium is home to a fair number of Unusual attractions. But for those looking for an amazing experience without crowds, we’ve put together a list of hidden activities and places.

These journeys show us a track we left behind in history and confronts us with time and temporariness.


Unusual Belgium


An exciting quest for forgotten, abandoned and doomed places.

1/ Abbaye de Villers

A magical and peaceful ruined Cistercian abbey in what is now southern Belgium.

2/ Fort de la Chartreuse

This abandoned Belgian fortress is purposefully being left to nature.

3/ Blegny-Mine

Descend into the tunnels to experience the life of a coal miner.

4/ Gare Du Montzen

Abandoned since 1998, this train station has become an oasis for urban explorers. 

5/ Sanatorium du Basil

An early 20th-century sanatorium, long abandoned and now being reclaimed by nature.

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Unusual & WW2 experiences

Belgium / Holland

Unusual: Ardoisalle in Alle

Slate mining in Alle-sur-Semois is a very old story that began three hundred years ago.

The Chimney in Bohan

In Membre-Bohan National Park, the rocky ridge to the north collapses into a succession of picturesque and bizarre monoliths. A tiny path, sometimes carved into the rock, runs through these geological sights and leads you to this rock, which is called the "Chimney".

WW2 Experience: Hitler's headquarters

The little village of Brûly-de-Pesche, in the South of the Province of Namur, was chosen to be Hitler's headquarters for three weeks in June 1940. The site was ideally located, only a few kilometres from France, nestled in a woodland. From there Hitler orchestrated his invasion of France. Also known as the Wolf's Gorge (Wolfsschlucht), the site still bears the scars of Hitler's stay and has a concrete bunker with two armoured doors, as well as two Bavarian-style chalets in which the Fuhrer and his officers stayed.

The broken bridge in Bohan
It has been almost 80 years since it was destroyed during the Second World War. It was destroyed on May 11, 1940 by the French who wanted to protect their pension. In 1941, the bridge was temporarily repaired with wood and the tram was able to pass again.

But on August 6, 1944, like the French army engineers in 1940, the Germans also demolished it to protect their retreat. It was never rebuilt.

The Maquis Camps at Vresse

In the Basse-Semois sector (Group D), there were more than 20 Maquis camps during the last World War. Depending on the circumstances of this war, they were abandoned, razed to the ground by the enemy or rebuilt elsewhere. It is impossible to describe them all here.



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Unusual Belgium / Holland

Belgium / Holland

Belgium & The Netherlands: A combination of quite a few unusual locations. For those looking for a great experience without the hustle and bustle, we've compiled a list of hidden activities and places.

1/ Cemetery psychiatric hospital
Between 1921 and 1981 patients find their final resting place in the cemetery of the Rijkskrankzinnigengesticht,

2/ St. Pietersberg Caves
Incredible labyrinth of man-made caves.

3/ Fort Saint Peter's
This historic Dutch fortress still bears the traces of a single siege.

4/ Tower of Eben-Ezer
A Belgian self-built tower inspired by the Bible and ancient civilizations.

5/ Fort Eben-Emael
This vast Belgian fortress was once considered impenetrable, but now it's just an abandoned relic.

6/ Labyrint Drielandenpunt
A beautiful maze marking where *three countries meet.

6a/ Vaalserberg
The highest hill in the Netherlands. Close to that highest point is also the *Three-country point, where the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany border reach. The Vaalserberg is a real attraction. The Vaalserberg forest: with high conifers and large eagle ferns on the soft forest ground. The rich smuggling past makes the forests on the Vaalserberg a bit exciting...


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Unusual North India

India is a medley of fascinating colors and cultures, a historical legacy, a canvas of architectural masterpieces and an extravagant exuberance of royal splendor. This land of sages and ancient legends is home to the magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan and the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Crowned by the Himalayas in the north, India offers an unusual adventure full of variety. From experimental trekking in the Himalayan villages, to Kangra Valley and Mcleod Ganj, home to today's Dalai Lama.



This Unusual travelidea is perfect for those who want to experience glorious mountain scenery, charming hill stations and key religious centres in the Himalayan foothills. Amritsar, home to the magnificent Golden Temple, the spiritual nerve centre of the Sikh faith. Visit Wagah near the Pakistan border for the nightly show of closing the border. Travel through the Kangra valley, home to lush green tea estates and farmland and take a ride on the mountain railway. Visit Mcleod Ganj, home of the current Dalai Lama, then continue to Shimla to explore the summer capital of British India.


13d/12n - 1350€ - 8 pax // 1540€ - 4/ 6 pax // 1845€ - 2 pax
from € 1350.00 pp

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Unusual Pakistan

Beyond your wildest dreams....Mystery & Adventure.

Home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, mystic cities, colourful markets and warm hospitality, a trip to this part of the world is bound to excite even the worldliest travellers.

Beyond your wildest dreams....Mystery & Adventure.


The most breathtaking road trip in the world

4x4 expeditions between the highest peaks of the world.
Where the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Hindu-Kush mountain ranges meet.

Hidden, mystical and unusual cities.
Discover Alexander the great lost tribe "the Kalash people".
Experience the beautiful nature, the most beautiful valleys in the world and discover one of the oldest cultures belonging to the earliest civilizations in the world.

Extend your expedition with an unusual visit to Lahore.
In fact, Lahore has its own part of legends, myths and an element of the supernatural.

15d/14n - min 6 pers - Possible from 2 pers - RQ
from € 1880.00 pp

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Ancient civilizations and their history


 Ancient civilizations and their history ........

Experience a rare experience: Indus Valley, Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and Taxila.

The Punjab has historically been the area through which all conquerors, traders and religious missionaries passed.

Lahore is the cultural heart of Punjab, where we discover the historical and religious memories of the Moghul, Sikh and the British Empire.

14d/13n - min 6 pers - Possible from 2 pers
from € 1975.00 pp

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✭ Unique Journeys Across and Beyond borders of the Former USSR ✭

Back in the USSR


Once in a lifetime travel experience across and beyond the former evil empire

✮ Always looking for new obscure destinations to pioneer and remote places to discover.  
✮ A strong focus on Soviet history and culture, little know ethnicities and endangered traditions.
✮ A wide exceptional adventures to every corner of the former Soviet Union.
✮ Experts for breakaway republics, separatist regions, contested territories and rogue states.
✮ Breathtaking voyages to seriously off-the-beaten-path destinations beyond the USSR.



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Dark Soviet Legacy


Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan

Dark Soviet legacy in Kazakhstan

Under the USSR, Kazakhstan hosted a sprawling network of prison camps that housed millions of prisoners.

If you’re an intrepid traveler and like to explore cool, beautiful and unusual sites that people haven’t heard about before, then you should experience this huge Central Asian country!

Nur-Sultan - ALZHIR Camp - Karaganda - KARLAG Camp - Nur-Sultan

5d/4n - 475€ - Min 10 pers / 520€ - Min 8 pers / 570€ - Min 6 pers / 715€ - Min 4 pers / 1030€ - Min 2 pers
from € 475.00 pp

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Real spacecraft launch at “Baikonur” Cosmodrome!


When people left planet Earth…

There is no other place in the world where you can truly ‘feel’ the space exploration by mankind other than Baikonur in Kazakhstan. It is the world’s first and largest cosmodrome built by the Soviets in the 1950’s. Sputnik, the world’s first satellite was launched from this cosmodrome in 1957, followed by the first human space flight with astronaut Yuri Gagarin onboard the ‘Vostok’ space shuttle on April 12th, 1961. Since then over 1,200 space rockets were launched into the cosmos from this base and it currently has a busy schedule, as it is managed by the Russian space agency Roscosmos (that leases a territory almost 7000 sq. kilometres from Kazakhstan) until 2050. Almost every month there is a space shuttle launch which you can be a part of!

Taking tour to Baikonur with our local guide and space expert and visiting the facilities and objects that were used for space exploration in the past, makes these days spent in the Kazakh desert a once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a few people a year can cherish.

List of launches from “Baikonur” in 2021

04.02.2021 - Progress MC16

28.02.2021 - Proton

20.03.2021 - Proton

09.04.2021 - Soyuz MC18 — with cosmonauts

30.06.2021 - Progress MC17

- probably launch of OneWeb during this period

06.09.2021 - Progress

05.10.2021 - Soyuz MC19 — with cosmonauts

28.10.2021 - Progress MC17

 - probably launch of OneWeb during this period

04.12.2021 (pending) - Soyuz MC — with cosmonauts

6d/5n - 1760€ - Min 6 pers / 1825€ - Min 4 pers / 1995€ - Min 2 pers
from € 1760.00 pp

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