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Siberia: Expedition to the Gulag Camps

Siberia, Russia

Please note that we only travel in extremely remote areas of the Arctic.

The gulag camps ( Katorga's* ) on these routes are well preserved, but are deserted and hidden in mountains or forests.

Most of the katorga's* were set up in Siberia, where there was a constant labour shortage.
In addition, the harsh weather conditions and the area's endless icy plains made escape almost impossible.
Many of them were put to work in mining, agriculture or logging. Others were obliged to help with the construction of new infrastructure in Siberia,

6d/5n - Min 6 / max 8 pers
from € 1980.00 pp
8d/7n - Min 8 pers
from € 2100.00 pp

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Walking the Great Wall of China


It’s a monstrous thing, this ancient structure: rugged and relentless, snaking along the historical border between China and Mongolia like some massive mythical dragon made real from brick and stone. It clings to the high green peaks of the borderland at jaw-dropping angles, and it just goes on and on forever into the hazy distance. Steep? It’s about as vertical as you can imagine—in some places the well-worn steps rise 80 degrees skyward.

Walking the Great Wall of China: a rough circuit around the parts of the wall near the former imperial capital and tombs, taking in the Mutianyu, Jiankou, Gubeikou, Jinshanling, and Huangyaguan sections, along with a brief exploration of Simatai.


7d/6n - Min 2 / Max 10 pax
from € 950.00 pp

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Cradle of Civilisation

Iraq & Kurdistan

Situated between the Euphrates and the Tigris, ancient Mesopotamia pre-dates written history. Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian empires controlled the region, leaving behind a bounty of historical sites and artefacts. The diverse landscape, geographically and culturally, holds unforeseen adventures of lonely desert forts and spiralling minarets. A country better known for deserts also boasts marshlands in the South and the Zagros Mountains in the North. Iraq is host to the two holy places of Shia Islam, Najaf and Karbala, as well as the spiritual home of the Yazidi people in Lalish mountain valley . Beyond the awe-inspiring sites and landscapes, above all, the hospitality of the people across the country, from the Arabs in the South to the Kurds in the North, is often the most lasting memory.

Erbil - Lalish - Dohuk - Amedi - Soran - Kurdistan mountains - Hamilton road - Sulaymaniyah - Halabja - Erbil

7d/6n - Min 2 pax / max 8 pax
from € 1850.00 pp

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La Grande Guerra

In the wake of the First World War

The Dolomites are one big open air museum of World War 1. There are numerous museums, but you can still visit real army positions and trenches.

A must for hikers and skiers with an interest in tours along places where the First World War was fought. Not only because of the history, but also because of the beautiful landscape.

Spectacular hiking (ski / winter) and climbing tours along breathtaking landscapes.

La Grande Guerra


Marmolada (3000m): the tallest museum in Europe, in memory of the many soldiers who fell there.Explore the museum and visit the locations of the Great War on a walk to Punta Serauta.

Discover the sites of the Great War hike along the 'Kaiserjägerweg' (via ferrata) to the top of Mount Piccolo Lagauzoi.

From there visit the trenches of Austrian soldiers. Descend along the famous tunnel (built by Italian soldiers) to Passo Falzarego.

Rifugio Auronzo near Drei Zinnen. Walk to Lavaredo Fork which played an important role during the First World War.

Visit the Bellum Aquilarum exhibition. During the First World War Sesto and the Sesto Dolomites experienced many military conflicts.

6d/5n - Min 8 pers - Guide
from € 1555.00 pp

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CONGO - Extraordinary Expeditions

 Deep in the heart of Africa.

Probably the most fascinating trips ever.

Back to the source, discover a virgin nature, experience the local natives, their way of life and their culture, adventures off the beaten tracks.

Breathtaking encounters with Bonobos and Gorillas,

Climb "Nyiragongo" active volcano.

The Congo river offers a unique experience,

Dare to travel the CONGO

The ultimate adventure starts here.


Beyond your wildest dreams.


Bantu - Pygmy cultures in the rainforest. 10 Days.

Rwanda/Congo: Gorillas, Chimps & Nyiragongo volcano. 10 Days

RD Congo & Congo Brazzaville: Bonobos and Gorillas. 12 Days

The mighty Congo River:
Mbandaka - Kinshasa. 11 Days
Kisangani - Mbandaka, 15 Days.
Kisangani - Kinshasa. 22 Days

Bas Congo: the Congo River at its most powerful, between Kinshasa / Matadi / Boma / Moanda at the ocean. 8 Days.

A unique fishing adventure! Take on a challenge to catch the tiger fish, the dreaded carnivore "Goliath-tigre".8 Days

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