"The myth of religious persecution"

These are religiously inspired military enterprises that fanatical Western Christians undertook to conquer the holy land and to preserve their religious beliefs...

The Crusades have often been regarded as extremely bloody and cruel acts, motivated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Inquisition against the Cathars of Languedoc. 

Cathars: Persecution in the name of God

Inquisition against the Cathars of Languedoc. The Albigensian crusades were the campaigns that the Catholic Church and the French kings undertook against the Cathars in the 13th century.

Cathar Inquisition


Carçasonne - Rustique - Minerve - Bezier - Narbonne - Fanjeaux - Mirepoix - Montségur - Puivert - Puilaurens - Limoux - Villerouge/Termenés - Aquilar - Queribus - Peyrepertuse - Arques - Termes - Lagrasse - Bram - Albi - Mazamet

Carcassonne, the most beautiful example of a medieval fortified town in Europe, which is almost completely preserved. The city is the ideal starting point to discover the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Rennes-le-Château, the unsolved mystery

On the road from Carcassonne, direction Limoux and Quillan, Rennes le Château. It is the site of one of the greatest legends that have been inspiring many at home and abroad for decades. The Da Vinci Code seems to be based on it.

Cathar castles on the castle route.

The castle of Peyrepertuse: one of the finest examples of fortification in the Corbières with a height of almost 800 meters.

Limoux, in the heart of Cathar land on the river Aude.

Montségur is the Cathar stronghold par excellence, standing on top of a mountain. The original castle was razed to the ground after the fall on 16 March 1244, when more than 225 Cathars died at the stake.

Foix in Ariège is also a fantastic destination, not far from the border with Andorra.

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Crusades - Holy Wars

Israel - Jordania - Lebanon - Syria

The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims to gain control over places considered sacred by both parties.
A total of eight important Crusades took place between 1096 and 1291.
These were bloody, violent and often ruthless conflicts by European Christians to conquer the sacred land of the Muslim.

    Syria: Krak des Chevaliers / Wadi al-Nasara
    Lebanon: The Mausoleum of Saladin
    Jerusalem: The Horns of Hattin Battle
    Jordan: Kerak Castle / Battel of Mutah


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Templars - Historical Explorations

Belgium - France - Portugal - Schotland

In 1119, the nobleman Hugo of Payns initiated the founding of a knightly order he called the Poor Warriors of Christ and the Temple of Solomon - later known simply as the Knights Templar. 
The purpose of the order was to protect pilgrims. Because of its religious nature, he set up the order as a monastic order. Thus, its members were knights and monks at the same time. Fighting and praying went well together during the Crusades.

Templars - Historical discoveries

In their existence between 1128 and 1314, the Templars left countless traces. All over Europe, physical and tangible evidence of their existence remains today.

In search of Templar traces in Europe
Belgium: Westhoek - Bouillon - Orval.
France: Paris - Provins - Troyes - Vézelay - Avallon - .............
Portugal: Tomar - .................
Scotland: Rosslyn - Balantradoch - ................. 

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