Mysterious adventure tours.


Live a journey in search of mysterious and hidden secrets.

Some places have a mystery within them that often cannot be explained. They can be found all over the world, in the most obscure corners, and may be areas of higher vibration. When we are drawn to these magical, spiritual, esoteric, occult and paranormal places, we experience these bizarre and weird moments as life-changing adventures.






The Twilight Zone.

Enter the hidden world behind the veil, where secrets whisper and mysteries unravel. 

Step into a world where the supernatural merges with the natural, where the extraordinary is seamlessly woven into the network of our reality.



Are you ready to unlock the secrets hidden in the shadows?

Experience the attraction of the unknown and embark on a transformative journey with 'Dark Travel'

Let the magic begin.                                                           

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WW I - unexplained mysteries

War zones where the ghosts of World War I haunt.

Strange Mysteries Of World War One

Belgium - France

WW I - unexplained mysteries. 

Although the front moves, the dead remain behind and a series of disorienting flashbacks projects the horrors of the past onto the present.

Welcome to one of the world's strangest and most fascinating devastated areas.

There is something magical about the battlefields and cemeteries of 14/18.

Inexplicable, untouchable apparitions that cannot be explained by accepted science.

Ypres: Military cemeteries - Observations of cold.

Poperingen: The ghost of Talbot House.

French Flanders and Artois: Paranormal observations.

Somme: The feeling of not being alone. " Where still here "

Oise & Aisne: Strange forces and heavy earth.

Argonne & Verdun: Encounters on battlefields.

Vosges: Physical discomfort.

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Hauts-de-France Mysteries 14/18


Northern France drags with it an extensive and misunderstood legacy of the First World War. Military necropolises, untouched battlefields and sites with relics are silent and poignant witnesses to the violence of war. From Armentières to Arras, a front line full of strange sensations and mysterious encounters.

Breaking The Hindenburg Line: The new defensive position, called the Hindenburg Line by the Allies, actually consisted of several lines with different German names. The section between Arras via Cambrai to Saint-Quentin was called the Siegfried Stellung.

Arras, Ecoust Saint Mein, the Forest of Croisilles and the Hindenburg Line. The battlefields of Arras, Bullecout, Bapaume, Péronne, Cambrai and Saint-Quentin

The Somme preserves the scars of the Great War: trenches, shell holes, haunted forests, military cemeteries and ruined villages remind us of these tragic events.  The Ghosts of the Somme is a search for unusual, inexplicable and paranormal occurrences on the battlefields of the First World War.

The memorials of Pozières, Thiepval, Ulster Tower and Beaumont-Hamel.  Nearby, more paranormal sightings have been recorded at Ancre British Cemetery, Sunken lane, Hawthorn ridge crater, Serre road cemetary, Sheffield MP and Knightsbridge Cemetery.

The Most Haunted Parts of the Somme: Delville Wood - Devil's Wood / The Hell They Called High Wood / Mametz Wood / Trônes Wood

Oise & Aisne - Tunnels of Death: Rendezvous with history and death at the gates of hell.

The extraordinary underworld of the soldiers of the Great War.

Between 1914 and 1918, hell was on the surface of the earth, but death was underground (underground fortifications, regimental quarters) Soldiers faced death daily. Their fate prompted them to create shelters in underground quarries.

Underground remains along Oise and Aisne Front. ( La ligne rouge, Crapeaumesnil, Nampcel, Soissons, Chemin des Dames, Craonne, ...... )


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Mysteries unravelled.

"Dark Travel" takes you on a mystery tour of the most incredible places: unique natural areas, extravagant buildings and legendary sites. A tour of the land of mysteries, lifting a veil over a unique, unusual, secret and unparalleled, a journey that surprises and amazes




The shadow and secret commanderies of the Knights Templar 

Belgium - France - Luxenburg - Portugal. 

Freemasonry: Secrets, symbols and rituals of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is an international society whose aim is to reach a higher spiritual and ethical level. Freemasonry is liberal in nature, meaning it rejects any form of dogmatism in principle.

The France of mysteries.

Underground mirror castles, secret passages, underground churches or other hidden caves. The country is full of hidden places. In the Fontainebleau forest, a vanished civilisation has left enigmatic engravings in caves dating back 6000 years BC................

All tours are on request

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Mysterious Paris


Mysterious Paris

Fascinated by strange legends and unusual stories, Dark Travel invites you to discover Paris from a different perspective.

Esotericism, spiritualism, extraordinary legends, the paranormal, mysteries, ghosts and other disturbing or magical stories will delight the most curious among you. We guarantee you will never look at Paris in the same way again!

To reveal the capital's great mysteries and small secrets.

Descent into the Catacombs: a unique and privileged experience: descend into the Catacombs and the ossuary, where your guide may exceptionally take you into rooms closed to the general public to discover deep-seated secrets.

Père Lachaise (the legends of Père Lachaise, the occult Père Lachaise of the spiritualists, the vampirism of Père Lachaise, the Père Lachaise of the Freemasons, the wall of the Federates of the Commune, or a more traditional tour of the history of the site and the tombs of celebrities and unusual graves).

The esoteric Louvre: during this open-air tour of the Louvre's courtyards, the palace gradually reveals its hidden side.

Visiting a masonic temple: you will have the chance to enter the lodges of the masonic temple, normally closed to the public, to understand how it works.

The dark legends of Paris: the tour takes place in the centre of Paris, around Notre-Dame on the Île de la Cité and its quays.

L'Antre-Cave is an informal and highly confidential society that dates back several centuries. Its members are historians, scientists and illusionists.

Multiple Unexpected and fascinating tours in PARIS on request

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The Twilight Zone

Belgium - France

The Twilight Zone: Discovery of mysterious, unexplained, supernatural and sometimes frightening places.

Attracted by forbidden knowledge, fascinated by the myths, legends and superstitions of human heritage, we go through strange experiences during these spiritual, paranormal and ghost tours. 

Challenge yourself to discover mysterious places of our obscure world.

Our search for unusual places goes further and deeper into a strange world full of magic, mysteries,

Dare to enter the hidden world behind the veil, where secrets whisper and mysteries unravel.


La France des mystères

Curious stories, inexplicable phenomena... in France, stories persist or are reborn, some imaginary, others based on real facts. Legends, mysteries surrounding haunted castles and paranormal apparitions are the reflection of a region or the mirror of our dreams and fears.

All over France, we hear the most chilling stories.

What are these enchanted places where evil forces seem to operate?

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Mysterious & Inspiring


Mysterious and Unknown Belgium takes us on an inspiring journey to abbey ruins, strange pagan sites and megalithic temples, obscure and terrifying places. Scars of conflict. Medieval cities full of history and mystery.
Experience a journey through unknown Belgium and discover that reality is often more fantastic than the wildest imagination.

Fascinated by strange legends and unusual stories, Dark Travel invites you to discover Belgium from a different angle.
Esotericism, spiritualism, extraordinary legends, the paranormal, mysteries, ghosts and other disturbing or magical stories will charm the most curious among you. 

Experience medieval cities: We guarantee you will never see Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges the same way again!

We lift a corner of the veil on Belgium's great mysteries and small secrets.

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The mysteries of slavery

The trail of slavery's tears. 
Tracing the mysteries of slavery



More than 500 years ago, the slave trade began, destroying millions of lives....

Slavery consists, for some human (masters), in dispossessing other human beings (slaves) of the right of ownership over themselves, depriving them of their freedom, at worst dispossessing them of their status as humans or even their lives. The slave, without legal existence, is the property of the master.

Trafficking refers to the trade in human beings, considered as slaves. As a result, millions of black Africans were victims of the slave trade, also known as the black trade.

Slave Trails

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Dar Es Salaam - Pangani - Bagamoyo - Zanzibar - Stone Town & Prison island

We invite you to come  and walk in the footprints of the indigenous  people who where sold to the Arab traders, Indians etc. For many years many Africans were enslaved they were like ‘commodities’ exported to Arabia, Persia, India and beyond.

Optional: Tanzania - Zanzibar crossing  in traditional Dhow (slave sailboat)

8d/7n - Min 2 pax - camping / budget
from € 2140.00 pp

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Ghana’s Slave Castles


The Shocking Story of the Ghanaian slave trade.

On the coast of Ghana you will find numerous old castles and forts. These forts, which marked the beginning of the dangerous journey of the slaves at the time of the slave trade, and were the last reminders that the slaves had of their homeland before they were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, never to return.

8d/7n - min 6 pers - 4star hotel
from € 1680.00 pp

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West African slave trails & Voodoo experience

Togo, Benin & Ghana

For the chained, beaten and marked slaves, the journey often began with a journey of many kilometers. This west African slave route runs from the interior of Togo over Benin to Ghana into the "Gate of no Return".

Voodoo and black magic, an experience never to be forgotten.

8d/7n - min 6 pers
from € 1220.00 pp
12d/11n - min 6 pers
from € 1870.00 pp

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