Dark Travel

This is the beginning of a long HISTORIC journey to discover the unknown dark world.

A new travel trend takes travelers to places identified with tragedy, suffering, death and destruction.

These destinations include war zones, nuclear disasters, genocide sites, prisons, cemeteries and catacombs that are often frightening, unique and bizarre.

Some of our Unusual Destinations are unique in the travel world.

The journeys of "Dark Travel" are important testimonies to the consistent failure of mankind.

These historical educational trips can help us to better understand the darkest elements of our past.



Is the term used to describe journeys to special historical places that are somehow associated with, or associated with, death and tragedy.



We are on a mission to take you back in time to events and places that have changed the history of mankind.

The historical journeys of “ Dark Travel” are unique, EDUCATIONAL, intense and sometimes adventurous.

These "NEVER FORGET" journeys should be a long-lasting reminder of the horrors of conflicts in our history.


                                             "Those who don't want to remember the past are doomed to relive it."