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A search for secret spiritual places in Belgium.

Under the spell of the "Lamb

The Adoration of the Lamb", by the van Eyck brothers, unveiled in 1432, is recognised worldwide as an artistic highlight, one of the most influential paintings ever made.

Historic St Bavo's Abbey.

Are you a fan of the mystical? Then these ruins will not leave you unmoved. You are on historic ground here. In the 7th century, Amandus van Gent founded St Bavo's Abbey here, in an attempt to convert the inhabitants of Ganda.

The Majestic Abbey of Tongerlo
In the middle of a green, woody area, crossed by ancient lanes, stands the old and majestic abbey - beautiful! After a sometimes turbulent history, the abbey is still an oasis of peace, spirituality, history and religious mysteries.
The attraction of the abbey is of course the legendary, religious and mysterious painting,
The Last Supper by LEONARDO DA VINCI

Abbey of Villers

Belgium has a lot of great and original sights. Burgundian Belgium not only has a rich beer history, but also counts numerous abbeys. One of them is the remarkable Abbey of Villers, with its beautiful ruins. A beautiful, historic place to enjoy the sun and the autumn colours.

Fortified castle of Bouillon

This fortress, proudly overlooking the city from a steep rock, is located in a valley marked by the meanders of the Semois.

Despite its age, this feudal fortress has been well preserved and bears enormous witness to the events that took place here in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Crusades. The famous owner at that time, Godfrey of Bouillon, clearly left his mark on the place and was the figurehead of the first crusade.

Abbey of Orval

The Abbey of Orval is a Cistercian monastery founded in 1132.

A visit to the ruins of the old Cistercian abbey reveals a location with a fascinating history and of a very special beauty, embedded in a valley where the Mathilde spring originates.



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