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The Rise of Evil.


A journey of discovery in the footsteps of evil.

The rise, ideology, barbarism and collapse of Nazism.

1/ NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang is a former training camp of the NSDAP, near the Belgian border in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The 'Vogelsang' complex trained the smartest young people who would later become the leaders of the Third Reich.

2/ Wewelsburg in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 1934 the SS acquired the castle because SS headmaster Heinrich Himmler wanted to establish a school for SS leadership. Later, Wewelsburgsburg was one of the main focal points of Himmler's SS cult mythology.

3/ Bergen-Belsen: "A city of the living dead".
The camp was one of the larger concentration camps within Germany. Bergen-Belsen was located about 60 km northeast of Hanover. It was populated by a large number of Jews who could no longer work, as well as forced labourers and later prisoners from the concentration camps in the east. Anne Frank and her sister Margot ended up in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

4/ Buchenwald concentration camp: In 1937, one of the major Nazi concentration camps was established in Buchenwald, on the Ettersberg near Weimar in Thuringia. Buchenwald remained one of the most important camps in the history of the Third Reich, with numerous sub-camps. Buchenwald was not in itself an extermination camp (like Auschwitz), but the prisoners were starved to death, mistreated and worked to death in the camp quarry and the adjacent weapons factories.

5/ Mittelwerk V-1 / V-2 Rocket factory, Nordhausen - Dora concentration camp: The underground factory for the production of V-1 and V-2 rockets on the southern border of the Harz near Nordhausen and the adjacent concentration camp where the forced labourers who built the rockets were housed in Dora-Mittelbau camp.

6/ Nuremberg: The Nazis considered Nuremberg to be the "most Germanic city in Germany" - a classic example of a city rich in Germanic and imperial history; the Nazi hierarchy made Nuremberg the city for Nazi festivities. From 1933 to 1938 the NSDAP held its annual meetings in Nuremberg that brought hundreds of thousands of people to the city to watch the nationalist and militaristic extravaganza.

7/ Babenhausen Kaserne 
Ghosts of nazi soldiers and witches haunt this old barracks in Hesse Germany. In the Babenhausen Kaserne there are stories about everything from soldier clad uniforms floating around as well as phone calls from a woman talking backwards.

The Witch Tower - This witch tower in Babenhausen can have a connection to the other strange paranormal rumor that goes around in the old barracks.


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