Mysteries of wars

WWI - unexplained mysteries

War zones where the ghosts of World War I haunt.

Mysteries around battlefields, trenches, war cemeteries, underground shelters revealed. 


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WW I - unexplained mysteries.

WW I - unexplained mysteries. 

Although the front moves, the dead remain behind and a series of disorienting flashbacks projects the horrors of the past onto the present.

Welcome to one of the world's strangest and most fascinating devastated areas.

There is something magical about the battlefields and cemeteries of 14/18.

Inexplicable, untouchable apparitions that cannot be explained by accepted science.


WW I - unexplained mysteries.

Belgium - France

Ypres: Military cemeteries - Observations of cold.
The fields around Ypres are also one big cemetery, with rows and rows of headstones at every turn, marking the graves of those who were not blown to bits ( still missing ) but merely died of wounds, disease or by drowning in the sea of soaking wet mud. 

Poperingen: The ghost of Talbot House.

Toc H building, which provided care to soldiers during the Battle of Ypres, The ghost of its founder the Rev Neville Talbot is seen in the chapel, A sense of a presence is also experienced by many people,

Death Row: Although British troops nicknamed it 'Good old Pops', Poperinge had a more sinister side - it was an execution site for wartime deserters.

French Flanders & Artois: Paranormal observations. 
Mysterious, haunting, eerie?The battles at Aubers Ridge, Festubert, Neuve Chapelle, Neuville St Vaast and Loos were as fierce as the battle of Fromelles in 1916, and the battlefields between Armentieres and Arras are just as interesting and mysterious to explore today. 

Somme: The feeling of not being alone. " Where still here "
The Somme offensive was one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of the First World War. It is therefore no wonder that ghosts have been sighted on the ghostly Somme battlefield.
The Somme is now a memorial to the horrors of war. But for some, World War I is not over yet.

Oise & Aisne: Strange forces and heavy earth.
Tunnels of death.Rendezvous with history and death at the gates of hell.The extraordinary underworld of the soldiers of the Great War.
Soldiers faced death daily. Their fate led them to create shelters in underground quarries.

Argonne & Verdun: Encounters on battlefields.
The ghosts of Argonne forest continue to haunt me
The ghosts of World War I in Verdun continue to haunt the French psyche. We investigate reports of strange images and sounds still heard on the battlefield.

Vosges: Physical discomfort.
All the destructive power known to man at the time was used here. High explosive shells and other man-made remnants of war litter the ground here along with the remains of many thousands of soldiers on the battlefields.
This trip includes some of the haunting and impressive images of the landscape of the Western Front as it looks today.

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Hauts-de-France Mysteries 14/18

Northern France drags with it an extensive and misunderstood legacy of the First World War.

Military necropolises, untouched battlefields and sites with relics are silent and poignant witnesses to the violence of war.

From Armentières to Arras, a front line full of strange sensations and mysterious encounters.

The hell of the north 14/18


Scars of the Great War.

Northern France drags with it an extensive and misunderstood legacy of the First World War.

Military necropolises, untouched battlefields and sites with relics are silent and poignant witnesses to the violence of war.

Especially the area between French Flanders ( Ploegsteert ) Armentières and Arras sometimes seems like a 'forgotten front'.

Ploegsteert – Armentieres – Fromelles – Illies, het dorp met 200 bunkers - Aubers – Festubert  - Mijnstreken & Slakkenbergen: Givenchy – Auchy Les Mines – Loos en Gohelle - Notre Dame De La Lorette – Vimy – Neuville St Vaast – Arras

Hindenburg Line. The battlefields of Arras, Bullecout, Bapaume, Péronne, Cambrai and Saint-Quentin

The Somme preserves the scars of the Great War: trenches, shell holes, haunted forests, military cemeteries and ruined villages remind us of these tragic events.  The Ghosts of the Somme is a search for unusual, inexplicable and paranormal occurrences on the battlefields of the First World War.

The memorials of Pozières, Thiepval, Ulster Tower and Beaumont-Hamel.  Nearby, more paranormal sightings have been recorded at Ancre British Cemetery, Sunken lane, Hawthorn ridge crater, Serre road cemetary, Sheffield MP and Knightsbridge Cemetery.

The Most Haunted Parts of the Somme: Delville Wood - Devil's Wood / The Hell -They Called High Wood / Mametz Wood / Trônes Wood

Oise & Aisne - Tunnels of Death: Rendezvous with history and death at the gates of hell.

The extraordinary underworld of the soldiers of the Great War.

Between 1914 and 1918, hell was on the surface of the earth, but death was underground (underground fortifications, regimental quarters) Soldiers faced death daily. Their fate prompted them to create shelters in underground quarries.

Underground remains along Oise and Aisne Front.

La ligne rouge: A trail to discover the scars still visible from the Great War.

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Weird stories from the great war

Mysterious and ghost stories from the great war.

The Somme preserves the scars of the Great War: trenches, shell holes, haunted forests, military cemeteries and ruined villages remind us of these tragic events. The Ghosts of the Somme is a search for unusual, inexplicable and paranormal occurrences on the battlefields of the First World War.

Oise & Aisne "La Ligne Rouge
Allied and German soldiers have been seen on the battlefields, in the trenches, quarries and caves, military cemeteries and forests of this battered region. Visitors to this region often experience feelings of dejection.

Chemin des Dames: German army units transformed the Chemin des Dames into an impregnable fortress.
They dug into the vaults of a limestone quarry that they themselves called Drachenhöhle, after the clouds of smoke that escaped from the passageways and could be seen from afar. This name was later adopted by the French: Caverne du Dragon.

Phantoms of war

SOMME - Oise / Aisne - France

Rancourt National Necropolis: The French necropolis and the Souvenir Français chapel dominate the landscape. Located to the south of the village of Rancourt in the commune of Bouchavesnes, the French national necropolis and its chapel dominate the agricultural plateau. 

The memorials of Pozières, Thiepval, Ulster Tower and Beaumont-Hamel. Nearby, more paranormal sightings have been recorded at Ancre British Cemetery, Sunken lane, Hawthorn ridge crater, Serre road cemetary, Sheffield MP and Knightsbridge Cemetery.
Although the front has moved on, the dead are left behind and a series of disorienting flashbacks superimpose the horrors of the past over the present.

Lochnagar mine crater: The crater was created by the explosion on 1st July 1916 of two charges of ammonal (36,000 lbs and 24,000 lbs, 60 feet apart) under a German position called Schwaben Hohe. The crater originally measured some 300 feet across and 90 feet deep. Despite this, the attack in this sector on the 1st of July was not successful, and the losses sustained, particularly by the Tyneside Scottish and other units of the 34th Division, were heavy.

La Boiselle and the Glory hole. Here, the British and German front lines were extremely close together, and small mines had been blown by both sides to try and gain some advantage.

The Most Haunted woods of the Somme

Mametz Wood :During the first twelve days of July 1916, the Welsh Division was practically wiped out in their ultimately successful attempt to take the woods from the *Germans. Over 4,000 men were killed; most just simply getting to the area in the face of fierce machine gun fire, and the rest in unrelenting hand-to-hand combat amongst the trees.*The Lehr Infantry Regiment held that position against all comers for eleven days, while the Welsh casualties piled up. On the twelfth day, the Welsh broke through.

Trônes Wood: *Trônes Wood was bisected by the railway line from Montauban-de-Picardie to Guillemont and could be used by either side in the event of an attack. The wood itself had not been maintained for two years and consisted of dense scrub, making it extra difficult for soldiers to make their way through it. Along the upper edge of the ridge between Montauban and Bernafay Wood was Trônes Alley, a German communications trench.

Delville Wood: Delville Wood was sometimes known as Devil’s Wood, and the fighting there during the battle of the Somme was particularly ferocious.  Delville woods is going on my list of impressive places. The woods are hauntingly serene, scarred by the left overs of war. Walking the Moss covered old trench lines and seeing the stone markers for the road names the soldiers had given their trench lines. Amazing creepy experienc

The Hell they called High Wood: The Bois des Foureaux, known to the British as "High Wood," was the scene of a months-long battle that lasted from July to September 1916.
High Wood saw some of the fiercest fighting of the Somme. More than 8,000 British and German men were killed in attacks on the wood. It was called "the rotten place on the Western Front."

The Montauban – Bernafay Wood position: The village of Montauban lay behind the first German defensive system, which in this area consisted of two principal fighting trench lines connected by many communication trenches, To the east of Montauban lay two woods, Bernafay and *Trones, both largely undamaged and with very thick undergrowth after two years of war.

Fricourt, Bazentin and Quadrangle woods – Encounters with fallen

More unusual and paranormal encounters along “La Ligne Rouge”

Oise & Aisne: An underground world where the presence of soldiers can still be felt.

Carrière de La Botte in Cannectancourt:Located on the heights of Cannectancourt, the underground passages of the La Botte quarry are unique in Picardy. This quarry is one of the most emblematic examples of military development in our region and of underground warfare.

The Carrières de Froidmont: The Froidmont quarry in Braye-en-Laonnois was home to German, French and then American troops during World War I and houses hundreds of graffiti and sculptures left by American soldiers in 1918.
The traces left in this quarry are of exceptional quality because they are not easily accessible and their diversity lies in the fact that they were left by Germans, French and Anglo-Saxons alike. Hundreds of soldiers still lie under the rubble of collapses caused by bombings. One never feels alone there.

The Elephant Quarry - Elephanten Höhle: The "Elephanten Höhle" is a quarry not far from the Chemin des Dames. Situated on a hillside, the underground network extends under the forest, where a dense network of trenches runs.
The Elephanten höhle conceals a number of treasures, which I invite you to discover...

Chemin des Dames: The plateau over which the road leads has played an important role in history many times, even though the Chemin des Dames first and foremost evokes memories of the First World War. The sometimes more than 200 meters high ridge forms a magnificent natural barrier and this strategic location. 




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In the footsteps of the Rainbow Division


The “Doughboy Mystery”

Explore the medieval city of Laon, its underground passages and climb the cathedral tower.

Coucy Le Château, the castle and the canon

Château de Blérancourt: In 1917, Anne Morgan, daughter of US banker JP Morgan, moved into the Château de Blérancourt near Noyon. 

Monument de la Croix Brisée (Broken Cross Monument)

The ghost quarries of Confrécourt: from 16 September 1914, the doctors and nurses of the 216th infantry regiment set up camp at Confrécourt in a quarry that would become known as the hospital quarry.

Belleau (cemetery, Belleau Wood) and Cote 204 in Château-Thierry

Of all the battles of the Great War, the victory at Belleau Wood holds a special place in the American pantheon. The courage and sacrifice of the Doughboys and their discovery of the reality of "modern warfare" made this offensive an emblematic battle in US military history, the memory of which is still alive among the Marines.

Château-Thierry. Hill 204 was chosen as the site, where heavy fighting took place in July 1918. 

Oise-Aisne cemetery in Château-Thierry
The Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial in France contains the remains of 6,013 American war dead, most of whom lost their lives fighting in this area in 1918 during the First World War.

Quentin Roosevelt's grave in Coulonges-Cohan
The Roosevelt Fountain, dedicated to the memory of Quentin Roosevelt, is located in the hamlet of Chamery.

Butte de Chalmont: "Monument des Fantômes" (Ghost Monument)

Monument to the 42nd US Division: The Rainbow Division - Fère-en-Tardenois

Chemin des Dames
The 1914 war revealed the strategic importance of the plateau. After the Battle of the Marne, the Germans clung to the heights of the Marne to repel French and British attacks (September-October 1914).

Hill 108 near Berry-au-Bac and mine warfare

The fighting near Bois des Buttes in April 1917
Located 1,500 metres north-east of Pontavert, this forest was the scene of fierce fighting.

Guided tour of the Fort de la Malmaison
Fort de la Malmaison, sometimes nicknamed "The Sacrificed", was used as a testing ground for the new melinite projectiles. 

The elephant quarry - Elephanten Höhle
The Elephanten Höhle contains a number of treasures I invite you to discover 

Italian military cemetery, lieu-dit le Mont Sapin - 02160 Soupir 

Discover the Carrière de Froidmont in Braye-en-Laonois
In these underground tunnels, World War I soldiers left written, drawn and sculpted testimonies.


Also discover traces of the Second World War. 

Wolfsschlucht II - Hitler's forgotten headquarters in France

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