Revolutionary travel











Dark Travel

This is the beginning of long historical journeys to discover the unknown dark world.

A new educational travel trend takes travelers to exceptional, strange and often bizarre destinations.

Some of our Unusual Destinations are unique in the travel world.

Dark Travel's remembrance journeys can help us to better understand the darkest elements of our past.



First of all, 'Dark' in this context is not meant literally but metaphorically, as in "a dark chapter of history".

And these dark aspects of history and humanity are simply quite interesting.

Thus Dark Travel fits perfect into the travelindustry.


Unusual Travel Destinations

Maybe you'd like to visit places you don't know yet.

Or maybe you have the soul of an explorer...

Isn't there a place where we can still feel like discoverers of nature or human society, places that are strange or unusual enough to thrill us?

Dark Travel will provide you with ideas of unique travel destinations and experiences. Unusual journeys, where you feel like you're on a voyage of discovery.