Dutch legends & ghost tours

The Netherlands and the netherworld are more closely connected than you may think! The Netherlands has quite a few old castles and buildings, each with a history that goes back ages. Some of these structures have spooky stories to tell. So, let's explore and get into the  spirit!


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From ancient castles to country houses, if you're looking for legends and ghosts, we've listed a few top spots for you.

Dark Travel has listed the scariest places and haunted houses in the Netherlands. 

These Dutch places seem to be haunted.

Dutch legends & ghost tours


Netherlands Underworld: supernatural and ghost travels from the Low Countries

Abandoned Jesuit monastery: Valkenburg, Limburg, you will find a monastery from the year 1893 that has been abandoned for more than 40 years.
During World War II, the SS expelled the Jesuits and established a Reichsschule for boys (a Nazi school) here. 

St Pietersberg Caves: Incredible labyrinth of man-made caves.

Fort Sint Pieter: This historic Dutch fortress still bears the marks of a single siege. 

Doorwerth Castle is a beautiful, historic location. Therefore, it might be the perfect place to start your own ghost hunt. It can be a picturesque adventure even if you don't come across anything out of the ordinary. 

Prison Gravensteen: In the province of Zeeland, in the city of Zierikzee, there is a prison dating back to 1365, where strange things still happens 

Abandoned monastery 'The Hoompje: A monastery dating back to 1908 stands in the province of Zeeland. Among the trees and bushes that have grown up around it, a grey building with an orange roof becomes visible that looks like something out of a horror movie.

The nun of Singraven: This estate in Overijssel looks peaceful and majestic from the outside, but something is not right here.

Doctor Faust of Waardenburg Castle: A hellish event took place in this 13th-century castle, located in the province of Gelderland.

Roundhouse - Nunspeet - Occultism, child murders, orgies with high-ranking people; the plots that go on about the Roundhouse in Nunspeet are as fascinating as they are insane 

Solsegat - According to an old legend, a monastery once stood on the site of the Solse Gat. Because of the monks' debauched behaviour, it was swallowed by the earth. At regular intervals, the monastery's bells would still be heard and the spirits of the monks would appear.

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