Belgian Mysteries

Mysterious and Unknown Belgium takes us on an inspiring journey to abandoned cemeteries, castle and abbey ruins, strange pagan sites and megalithic temples, obscure and terrifying places.

Fascinated by strange legends and unusual stories, Dark Travel invites you to discover Belgium from a different angle.

Day trips: Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 150 € - 4 pers / 110 € - 6 pers


Weekend: Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 300 € - 4 pers / 250 € - 6 pers


5D / 4 nt:

Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 650 € - 4 pers / 550 € - 6 pers


Multi-day trips: on request

Urban legends & mysteries

Mysterious and Unknown Belgium takes us on an inspiring journey to medieval cities full of history and mystery.

Fascinated by strange legends and unusual stories, Dark Travel invites you to discover Belgium from a different angle.

Esotericism, spiritualism, extraordinary legends, the paranormal, mysteries, ghosts and other disturbing or magical stories will charm the most curious among you.

Legends and mysteries


Experience medieval cities: We guarantee you'll never see Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges the same way again!

We lift a tip of the veil on Belgium's great mysteries and little secrets.

Mysterious & unusual BRUGES: We infiltrate the satanic milieu of Bruges-la-Morte with the Pope of Satan.

In Bruges, there is a house called "Den Noodt Gods" better known as "Spookhuis".

Brugse zot (fool): More than 100 years ago - in 1910 - female psychiatric patients moved from Bruges' Boeveriestraat to Koning Albert I-laan in Sint-Michiels. From Open Gate to Brugse Zot paints a picture of mental health care in Bruges.

Freemasons Bruges: On a walk in the city centre, you will learn more about the history of Belgian and especially Bruges Freemasonry. 

Spiritual walk: Linked to the History around De GRAAL,THE BUILDERS, TEMPELIERS and FREEDOM.

Lucifernum: between Gothic and exoticism and between dream and nightmare.



GHENT, city of mysteries: 

The Museum Dr Guislain is a cultural reference point for history and current debates on psychiatry and mental health, care, art and madness. The museum in Jozef Guislainstraat is Belgium's oldest insane asylum -1857: you would be crazy not to visit it.

Freemasonry in Ghent. Freemasonry continues to fascinate an unpredictable number of people. It first surfaced in Ghent in the eighteenth century and soon became surrounded by a halo of mystery that haunts it to this day. 

House of mysteries: magic and illusion.

Unusual Ghent: A walk through a medieval and mysterious city

Exhibition: The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb
The Adoration of the Lamb of God is a religious polyptych by brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck, completed around 1432.



Davinci code BRUSSELS

'Welcome to Brussels, capital of alchemists and freemasons. Welcome to my city, where the stones speak...'

Alchemists of ancient times sought the Philosopher's Stone, which was to allow them to transform base metals into precious metals, and through which they would also find "the liquid gold", the aqua vita, the Elixir of Eternal Life...

Freemasonry: A haze of secrecy hangs over Freemasonry. The private nature of the lodges and centuries-old initiation traditions contribute greatly to this.

Waranda Park: "What is the connection between Waranda Park and Freemasonry?"

Coudenberg Palace: An underground exploration of Charles V's palace. Now an enchanting archaeological site, it is a network of vaulted corridors, halls and hidden rooms,

The Brussels Palace of Justice: During this visit, you will discover the story of the architect, and the symbolism hidden behind this monumental facade. 

Laeken cemetery + royal crypt
The monumental cemetery of Laeken is considered Belgium's Père-Lachaise. Numerous celebrities are buried here.
The royal crypt where our kings and some family members found their final resting place.

Surnateum - Museum of the supernatural.
The Surnateum is a cabinet of curiosities dedicated mainly to the magic that has haunted our civilisations since the dawn of mankind. The museum's curator, Christian Chelman, devotes himself entirely to the study of magic in all its forms. (vampirism, spiritualism, witchcraft, paranormal, mediums, etc). 

Dieweg cemetery - Uccle
The cemetery is eerily beautiful and overgrown. The graves and mausoleums were abandoned and overgrown by nature in 1958.
Dieweg has a mysterious atmosphere .... You are never sure what you will encounter. It feels like walking through another, forgotten world.



Mysterious ANTWERP

Sint-Annatunnel: On Sint-Jansvliet is the entrance to the Sint-Annatunnel, which opened in 1933. Take the authentic wooden escalators down into the "Pedestrian Tunnel", as Antwerpers call it.

De Ruien: Secrets flow under the city: descend into an underground world and discover a forgotten part of Antwerp's history,

Mystery walk: immortal stories from Zuidwijk

Albert park: Paranormal sightings.

Doel, ghost town: a village full of enchanting colours

Mystérieux ANVERS

Tunnel Sainte-Anne
Sur Sint-Jansvliet se trouve l'entrée du tunnel Sint-Annatunnel, qui a été inauguré en 1933. Empruntez les authentiques escaliers roulants en bois pour descendre dans le "tunnel piétonnier", comme l'appellent les Anversois.

De Ruien : Les secrets coulent sous la ville : descendez dans un monde souterrain et découvrez une partie oubliée de l'histoire d'Anvers,

Mystery walk : Histoires immortelles de Zuidwijk

Parc Albert : Observations paranormales.

Doel, ville fantôme : un village aux couleurs enchanteresses.


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Mysterious & Inspiring


Belgium is home to quite a few unusual and mysterious places.

But for those looking for a great experience without the crowds, we have compiled a list of hidden and mysterious activities and places.

These trips show us the trail we left behind in history and confront us with time and temporality.

Mysterious & Inspiring locations

A search for secret spiritual places in Belgium.

Magical and spiritual temples

Psychiatry BEFORE and NOW - History of psychiatry.

Symbols and rituals of Freemasonry.

Alchemy is known as 'the art of gold-making'. It is the ability to turn something ordinary, something special, or "from lead, into gold". It is a millennia-old science that was practised all over the world and had many applications, but is now largely forgotten.

The shadow and secret commanderies of the Knights Templar

Historical, legendary, gruesome, religious and mystery sites. 

Unusual experiences WW I & II

A thrilling quest to forgotten, abandoned and doomed places.

The Haunted Kingdom - Haunted houses, haunted places, ghost stories revealed.

For more mysterious Belgium go to UNUSUAL and scroll to UNGEWOON BELGIUM

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