European Mysteries

Centuries of legendary enigmas ....

Haunted places, unexplained phenomena, hidden treasures, secret crypts, paranormal manifestations, abandoned abbeys, forgotten cemeteries, haunted forests, war scars, coded secrets. 

Dark Travel has travelled the roads of Europe to discover mysterious places.

These astonishing visits are as many enigmas that bring to life the vestiges of a strange and fascinating past.

Beware: these journeys may challenge your certainties and beliefs. Let us guide you through this mysterious Europe, which loves to reveal itself between light and shadow.

The magic of the Baltic States.

Un voyage mystérieux dans les États baltes : L'Estonie, la Lettonie et la Lituanie nous emmène dans un voyage inspirant à la découverte de châteaux hantés et de ruines d'abbayes, de sites païens étranges et de temples mégalithiques, de lieux obscurs et étranges et d'apparitions paranormales.

Fasciné par les légendes étranges et les histoires extraordinaires, Dark Travel vous invite à découvrir les États baltes sous un angle différent.



The chronicles of Estonia


The chronicles of Estonia: history, legends, sagas and ghost stories,

Horror Story of Mustamäe Cemetery, Tallinn: The Mustamäe Cemetery is one of the oldest and most haunted places in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. The cemetery is surrounded by an east-facing wall and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a dead Russian soldier. This ghost is said to stalk the graves at night, searching for his lost love.

Horror Story of Võidu Bridge, Tallinn: The Võidu Bridge in Tallinn, Estonia, has long been shrouded in mystery. Tales of hauntings, supernatural occurrences, and ghostly apparitions have always been whispered about the bridge, but until recently, these stories were just that — stories.

Viru Hotel, Tallinn: For those seeking a unique experience, the historic Viru Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia offers a taste of horror history, a host of rumored paranomial activities and a wealth of stories to tell. A visit to Viru is sure to leave an unforgettable impression!

The Building of St. Olaf's Church

The Horror of the Stable Tower

The Black Baron at Pikk-Jalg 14

The ladies of Toomkooli 13

The Monk in the Short-Leg Gate Tower

Visit Rataskaevu 16, Site of the Devil’s Window

Spot the Drunk Monk at Neitsitorn a.k.a. Virgin’s Tower

Dine with the Dead” at Cathedral Restaurant

PATAREI PRISON: A Russian-Empire-era former sea fortress overlooking Tallinn Bay that from 1920 was turned into a prison. Especially during the Soviet occupation it became one of the most notorious prisons in all ofEstonia

KGB CELLS TALLINN: Part of the basement of a large building in the Old Town of Tallinn in which the infamous KGB had some of its cells for incarceration and interrogation during the Soviet era.

VIRU KGB MUSEUM, TALLINN : Not so much a museum as such but a guided tour through the somewhat "museum-ized" parts of the Viru Hotel in Tallinn where the KGB used to operate its surveillance technology to listen into guests' conversations and so on

Tallinn – Koeru – 104 km

Koeru church & Graveyard

The tiny village of Koeru in Estonia is shrouded in mystery and haunted by tales of intrigue and horror. Just outside the village lies the remains of an old church, believed to be from the 16th century. But next to the ruins lies tales of paranormal activities and dark secrets, lurking in the shadows of a history remembered in local folklore. Could this old church hauntings be a true story, or just legend? Explore the history, horror stories, and mythological activity of Koeru Church

Koeru – Tartu - 101 km

Ropka Cemetery in Tartu, Estonia, is home to many tales of horrors, histories, and paranormal activities. From tales of ghosts and witches to long-buried skeletons unearthed and ominous stories, get ready to dive into the mysteries of this haunted graveyard.

Tartu – Rannu – Tarvastu – Viljandi - 120 km

Viljandi Castle Ruins: is a fascinating place of mystery and controversy, telling a story of horror and intrigue. Just outside the Estonian city of Viljandi, the castle stands, a complex structure of ruins and secrets. Legends linger of paranormal activities at Viljandi Castle Ruins, making it a popular destination for those seeking a ghostly experience.

Rapla Church: is a mysterious and fascinating location that has been the source of horror stories, historical accounts, and paranomal activities. Over the centuries, the small church in Estonia has been the source of numerous tales, and today we will explore some of the mysteries that lie beneath its ancient walls.

Koluvere castle: Welcome to the eerie world of Koluvere Castle in Koluvere, Estonia- a place of horror stories, history, and paranormal activities. Dating back to the 13th century and filled with legends of hauntings, hear the tale of Koluvere Castle as we uncover its dark past and its many unexplained mysteries.

Haapsalu Castle: the home of the legendary Teutonic Knights, is a building full of horror stories, history, and paranormal activities. Built in the 13th century, its walls have since seen some of Estonia’s most important and scary moments. From ghost sightings to unexplained phenomena, there is always something to explore here.

Horror Story of Vormsi Church, On Vormsi Island the legendary Church of Vormsi stands amongst the endless fields of tall swaying grasses and hidden inlets. It is said that the Church, as old as time itself, is haunted by the spirits of ancient warriors and cloaked figures.

Kassari Lighthouse,

Rummu prison: The ruins of an Estonian prison are drowning in the quarry lake where the convicts were once forced to work.

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Mysterious & Inspiring Europe

Accompanied by a team of psychics, mediums, spiritualists and ghost hunters.

Discover the creepiest, obscure and haunted locations in Europe. 

Mysterious journeys through unusual countries full of history, legends, paranormal sightings and ghost stories where unexplained events are part of everyday life.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets hidden in the shadows?

Mysterious United Kingdom


Do you dare visit the darkest, most haunted locations in SCOTLAND? 

We will take you in search of the ghosts that haunt Scotland's haunted landscapes where poltergeists, secret abbeys, Scotland's oldest houses are full of legends and full of souls. Whether you are an avid ghost hunter or an avid sceptic, these haunted castles, darkest graveyards, spooky pubs and infamous hotels are sure to send shivers down your back...

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Unusual and mysterious Europe

Europ is home to many unusual and mysterious places.

But for those who want an unforgettable experience without the crowds, we've put together a list of hidden and mysterious places and activities.

These journeys show us the traces we have left in history and confront us with time and temporality.

The ghosts of Thessaloniki are still here


A side of the city that nobody knows, talks about or sees.

Myths, Legends and ghost stories of Thessaloniki.

Unusual attractions in Thessaloniki know as the megalopolis of northern Greece.

Thessaloniki is filled with ancient monuments,landmarks, and museums, home to a plethora of bizarre, dark, weird, unusual and underrated sites which also deserve to be explored.

Holocaust: Liberty square: where the nazi’s gathered all the Jewish men

Old and new Jewish cemeteries – Jewish museum -Train station : where the death trains begun – Kerdylia: the holocaust of 2 old village

World war I & II: Serres – Fort Rupel – Metaxas line

Unusual: Genti koule old jail – Heptapyrgion: byzantine fortress – Orge of Seih Sou forest : murderer – Black stone street : paranormal stories – Lamprakis and Polok murders -Train cemetery – Red house tails Vergina : ancient Aigae , capital of Macedonians – Dion: archaeological site dedicated to Zeus – Bogomil cemetery : ancient guth cemetery.


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