Mysterious landscape photography

Mysterious and alternative landscape photography.

Have you already photographed everything in your region?

Then choose an alternative route: from an abandoned cemetery to the ruins of an abbey, through haunted castles and forests, past battlefields scarred by the scars of war.

Mystery landscape photography

Belgium - France - INetherlands - Luxenburg

Meet the rise of mystery photography and travel to 'secret' destinations. 

Dare to discover the hidden world behind the lens.

Photography locations you must have photographed.

Belgium, the kingdom of stories and legends
Forests, rivers, misty valleys, stone formations, castles, abbeys .... these natural phenomena are pre-eminently the places where legends and stories are born.
Belgium's most impressive abandoned places.

Netherlands: magical places you must have photographed.
Discover real haunted houses and dark places in the Netherlands.

France: Mythology in the Hauts de France
Where can you see mysterious locations in northern France?

Discover our favourite haunted and evil places and stories and legends from northern France.

Luxenburg: Take a journey through time and discover the numerous ruins, fortresses and castles that adorn the Luxembourg landscape. 
Be swept away by the stories, myths and legends.

Day trips: Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 120 € - 4 pers / 95 € - 6 pers

Weekend: Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 300 € - 4 pers / 250 € - 6 pers

5D / 4 nt: Min 4 / Max 6 pers.

Price per person: 715 € - 4 pers / 625 € - 6 pers

Multi-day trips and  European destinations on request.

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