Spiritual & Wellness

Spiritual journeys.

Visionary journeys and spiritual exploration.

In search of yourself ?

Spiritual journeys are journeys in which spirituality and experience are central.

Spiritual & Wellness


The aim of a holistic holiday is to find a balance between physical, mental and spiritual health.

A spiritual holiday is a journey focused on connecting with the inner self and spiritual well-being.
Explore the enchanting cities and legendary islands of Greece and Eastern Macedonia and immerse yourself in the mystique of this ancient land.

Prepare for an enchanting adventure on this unforgettable Mystical Odyssey.

As custodians of the land, we often find it difficult to reconnect with ourselves and nature due to the stimuli of our environment.

Spiritual Journeys to Power Places

The island of Samothraki: the island where "Alexander the Great" is said to have been conceived according to legend - where Philippe II meets his wife (a sorceress) and where a "witches' meeting" is said to take place at the full moon in August... 

Thassos:To this day, the island attracts lovers of the secret and the occult, shamans and medicine men. 
However, as in ancient times, the island still has its secrets.

Paros: Unwind from your daily life, enjoy a transformative holiday and gain new energy! Free your body, calm your mind and nourish your soul. A wellness week just for you!

Spiritual journeys in Cathar country : Out-of-the-ordinary ascent of Bugarach mountain - Therapeutic holidays & Retreats in southern France

 Magical and mystical England : Be inspired by its beautiful landscapes, magical folklore, mystical adventures and magical tours!

Walking the earth's energy lines.

Spiritual Retreats in Belgium

Day trips: Min 4 / Max 8 pers. - Price per person: 120 € - 4 pers / 95 € - 6+ pers

Weekend: Min 4 / Max 8 pers. - Price per person: 300 € - 4 pers / 250 € - 6+ pers

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Health & wellness in Thailand

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Health & wellness in Thailand - Chiang Mai

All treatments harness the power and energies of Mother Earth to enable you to re-energise.

Mindfulness Retreat / 7 Days - 6 Nights / Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai - Gaia New Earth Community Retreat (Doi Saket)

vipassana meditation / yoga / deep healing programme / Shamanic remedies / Cocoa Ceremony / Fire Ceremony

Warriors House Shala Bua Saree Retreat

sound bath healing therapy / Yin & Yang Yoga Flow / Chakras Meditation, The Sound of Chakras mini workshop and Yoga asana mild flow / Jala Neti, Pranayama.

Price: Basic shared room with 2 persons : 2,250 € per person
Basic single room : + 150 €

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