Mystery Cruises

Join us on an unparalleled cruise experience.

Mystery Cruises!

This is a rare opportunity to embark on a holiday that is unparalleled and will amaze you every time. 

Venture into the unknown of a very special journey.... A cruise that will keep you guessing until the last moment!

Mystery Cruise World

Embark on unique and magical cruises.

An enchanting cruise world full of unexpected discoveries awaits you.

Experience the magic of our cruises on the seven seas.

On board: magic, illusion and spiritual sessions.
Skilled spiritually and professionally gifted mediums, psychics, astrologers and card readers work on these cruises, where you can ask all your questions about the present and the future.

On land: authentic and unusual discoveries at every destination. Legends, mysteries and ghost stories are revealed.

Mystery Cruises


5-day cruise on the Mediterranean

Embark on the COSTA Fascinosa from 10 October 2024 to 14 October 2024 from Marseille.

Cruising area: Mediterranean
Marseille - Barçelona - Genoa - Marseille



Western Europe Cruise - from Zeebrugge - Le Havre - Rotterdam

8 Days with the MSC Preziosa

Date(s): Oct 2024 - Apr 2025

Cruising area: Western Europe

Zeebrugge - Le Havre - Southampton - Hamburg - Rotterdam - Zeebrugge

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