Mysteries of France

Extraordinary stories, unexplainable phenomena...

In France, stories live on and are reborn, some imaginary, others based on real events.

Legends and mysteries mirror our dreams and fears.

Dark Travel explored these enigmas across France.

Do you think they only exist in fiction?

Come on board our tour of France's mysteries.


Weekend & Multi-day excursions.

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Mysterious France

Mysterious Paris

Fascinated by strange legends and unusual stories,

Dark Travel invites you to discover Paris from a different perspective.

Esotericism, spiritualism, extraordinary legends, the paranormal, mysteries, ghosts and other disturbing or magical stories will delight the most curious among you.

We guarantee you will never look at Paris in the same way again!


Mysterious Paris


Descent into the Catacombs: a unique and privileged experience: descend into the Catacombs and the ossuary, where your guide may exceptionally take you into rooms closed to the general public to discover deep-seated secrets.

Père Lachaise (the legends of Père Lachaise, the occult Père Lachaise of the spiritualists, the vampirism of Père Lachaise, the Père Lachaise of the Freemasons, the wall of the Federates of the Commune, or a more traditional tour of the history of the site and the tombs of celebrities and unusual graves).

The esoteric Louvre: during this open-air tour of the Louvre's courtyards, the palace gradually reveals its hidden side.

Visiting a masonic temple: you will have the chance to enter the lodges of the masonic temple, normally closed to the public, to understand how it works.

The dark legends of Paris: the tour takes place in the centre of Paris, around Notre-Dame on the Île de la Cité and its quays.

L'Antre-Cave is an informal and highly confidential society that dates back several centuries. Its members are historians, scientists and illusionists.

Multiple Unexpected and fascinating tours in PARIS on request

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La France des Mystères


La France des mystères

Curious stories, inexplicable phenomena... in France, stories persist or are reborn, some imaginary, others based on real facts. Legends, mysteries surrounding haunted castles and paranormal apparitions are the reflection of a region or the mirror of our dreams and fears.

Where are these enchanted places where evil forces seem to operate?

The mysterious civilization of Fontainebleau:
In the forest of Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne), an extinct civilization has left enigmatic engravings in a mysterious cave. They could date back to 6,000 BC.

Mysterious & Unusual Paris Legends and ghost stories

The ghosts of Blandy castle:
Let's discover the legends and ghost stories that haunt the fortress of Blandy-les-Tours...

Mysterious Provins: from Templars to Freemasons:
The underground passages are undoubtedly the most mysterious places in Provins!

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More mysteries and unusual discoveries


Cathedrals and their secrets, haunted castles and monuments of violence and pain.

What are the mysteries of Chartres Cathedral?

  • The cathedral is entirely dedicated to Mary;

  • The cathedral is an ancient “power place”;

  • Chartres and the relation with the Knights Templar;

  • Chartres and its beautiful labyrinth,

Château de Brissac: is a castle located in the commune of Brissac-Quincé. The castle is recorded to have been built during the 11 th century, and has a long and interesting history. Like many castles around the world, the Château de Brissac is said to possess its own resident ghost. This is the ‘la Dame Verte’ or Green Lady, who is said to be the ghost of an unfaithful wife murdered by her husband during the 15 th century.

Dénezé sous Doué:The sculpture cellar a unique place in France
If there is an unusual place, it is this one...
This huge cellar is an enigma, unique in the West!
Several hundred characters, faces, sculpted in volume in the tufa... A crazy saraband of demonic and angelic figures. A bacchanal of bodies adorned with sumptuous or naked costumes... No concern for proportions, for this truculent frieze.

Château des Fougeret: is surrounded by a park of ten hectares bordering the Vienne and full of historical treasures such as its frescoes, murals, richly decorated ceilings, mosaics, wood paneling and other medieval and neo-Gothic magnificences, the castle of Fougeret is a must for lovers of architecture and history.
But this place does not only contain great moments of history.
He is also known for several decades for the paranormal facts of which he would be the permanent theater.
Paranormal Activity Nights at the Château des Fougeret
Dare to spend a Night in the Haunted Rooms.

Oradour-sur-Glane: a monument to violence and pain.
Located north-west of Limoges, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane is an impressive memorial to the atrocities committed by the Germans during the Second World War. The village was destroyed by an SS unit on 10 June 1944. The raid killed 642 people. There are few places in France where the horrors of the Second World War are as tangible as at Oradour-sur-Glane.

Allier: The haunted château of Veauce tries to ward off the evil spell.
The Château de Veauce is a listed building and we take a look inside the castle, where Lucie, a ghost, is said to have been "seen" on several occasions.


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Fantastic legends and myths about Normandy


Mysterious journeys to legendary places.

Fantastic stories and myths about Normandy

Ghost stories, medieval legends... Follow us into these haunted places, the hidden face of Normandy! 

A paranormalist first and foremost, Erick Fearson has established himself as a ghost hunter, tarot reader and mentalist.

And if you're not afraid, Erick Fearson will give you the keys to visiting this unusual and mysterious Normandy.


Radepont: Abbaye de Fontaine-Guérard - Renowned for its miraculous fountain, it is also said to be inhabited by presences, notably in the cellar.

Tancarville Castle: with its suspension bridge, this castle is the setting for some disturbing tales. ... The spectre of Jeanne de Harcourt - The Devil's Tower - Well-kept secrets,

Trouville-sur-Mer: Discover the hidden face of the Queen of the Beaches through enigmatic anecdotes, peculiar beliefs and disturbing tales. Let yourself be seduced by some extraordinary phenomena that will come to life before your very eyes, but be careful, as some of the stories could make you lose your mind!

Vaux-sur-Aure: Manoir d'Argouges - In addition to the legend of the Argouges fairy, the owner told me of presences that make themselves felt.

Neufmesnil: Abbaye de Blanchelande - renowned for its haunting. This place is home to the cursed ghost of the Abbé de la Croix-Jugan, so well described by Barbey d'Aurevilly in his Ensorcelée. He was killed by a pistol shot in the back of the neck. Since his death, he has returned to say mass at night, in the church lit up by an almost supernatural red glow.

Martinvast: Legends and ghosts of the West. Martinvast, a castle full of mysteries in La Manche

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin: Château de Tourlaville Ravalet estate Marguerite de Ravalet haunts the château's Blue Room. She appears mainly at night, around midnight. It is said that she is not the only one to haunt the castle, as the Ravalet family has always had a terrible reputation.

Hambey: The ruins of Hambye Abbey are the most beautiful to behold. They are the most supernatural, the most timeless, the ones whose majestic, sublime, crumbling appearance best matches the surrounding landscape. This Abbey has been the subject of numerous paranormal phenomena,

Sousleuvre en Bocage: discover the Château des Noyers, one of the most haunted in France

Hidden away in the commune of Le Tourneur in Calvados, the Château des Noyers appears to be one of the most haunted in France. Objects thrown, women appearing... Follow the guide.

Lisors: is Mortemer Abbey the most haunted abbey in France? It's true that the abbey has not stolen its name of "dead sea", probably referring to putrid marshes. Unless it refers to a sea of corpses. Few places in France concentrate so many morbid events, and the former monastery is to the great congregation of ghosts what nightclubs are to the world of humans.

The PARANORMAL atmosphere on the D-Day beaches

Discovering the secrets of Mont Canisy

Mont Canisy, on the heights of Deauville, is a very busy place in a gallery over 250m deep, 15m below ground,


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