Underground Mysteries.

We have travelled the planet to islands, tunnels, caves, prisons, buried neighbourhoods and other treasures hidden under the earth, mountains and even prosperous cities.


The Door of No Return

More than 500 years ago, the slave trade began, destroying millions of lives....

We experience the Dark History of Slavery.


URBEX is the new DARK

Urbex exploration is our new passion. We have visited several deserted and unusual conflict zones, and we are still exploring them.  We have made these memorable tours to share our adventures and experiences with you. We would like to show you objects of abandoned war hospitals, labyrinths, army barracks, defence works, castles, army warehouses / factories and many other underground discoveries. From 2021 onwards

Crypts & Catacombs, Mysteries and Legends

Rome, Napels, Palermo and Paris

Crypt & Catacombs, Cemeteries, Ghosts, Mysteries & Legends of Rome, Naples, Palermo and Paris

The kingdom of death awaits you under Paris, Rome, Naples and Palermo. Discover ancient Rome in the footsteps of gladiators.

5d/4n - Rome - Min 10 / max 15 pers
from € 900.00 pp
4d/3n - Palermo - Min 10 / max 15 pers
from € 660.00 pp

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The Tunnels of Death in 14-18


Rendez-vous with history and death at the gates of hell.

The extraordinary underworld of the soldiers of the Great War.
Between 1914 and 1918, hell is on the surface of the earth.While the Great War is the first "modern" conflict, many of the warriors with convictions are renewing myths dating back to very ancient times and lurking in spaces that most civilizations have reserved for the dead. While the Great War is the first "modern" conflict, many of the warriors with convictions are renewing myths dating back to very ancient times and hiding in spaces that most civilizations have reserved for the dead.

Undergrounds and Remains of the Oise Front in Aisne.

This programme is in progress.

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Return to Devil's Island

Suriname - French Guyana

Devil's Island: The toughest prison of all time and one of the most feared place on earth.
The French Guiana prison colony, made famous by "Papillon", has now shed the chains of the past.

Suriname: mountains / waterfalls / islands / adventure.

8d/7n - Min 4 / max 8 pers
from € 1250.00 pp

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Mysteries of Central Macedonia

Live the mythical stories and explore the hidden gems of central Macedonia!

Tombs of Kings, Crypts of Saints, Bunkers of war, Sculptures of nature ...

Underground mysteries of central Macedonia.


The birthland where Alexander the Great and his teacher Aristotle, the Greatest Philosopher of all times lived and changed the mankind history.

A world of natural and artificial wonders is hidden underground in central Macedonia region, Greece.

DarkTravel reveals the underground civilization in and around Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki - Pella - Imathia - Serres - Halkidiki

7d/6n - min 6 pers - 3/4star hotel
from € 1190.00 pp

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More than 500 years ago, the slave trade began, destroying millions of lives....

Slavery consists, for some human (masters), in dispossessing other human beings (slaves) of the right of ownership over themselves, depriving them of their freedom, at worst dispossessing them of their status as humans or even their lives. The slave, without legal existence, is the property of the master.

Trafficking refers to the trade in human beings, considered as slaves. As a result, millions of black Africans were victims of the slave trade, also known as the black trade.

Slave Trails

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Dar Es Salaam - Pangani - Bagamoyo - Zanzibar - Stone Town & Prison island

We invite you to come  and walk in the footprints of the indigenous  people who where sold to the Arab traders, Indians etc. For many years many Africans were enslaved they were like ‘commodities’ exported to Arabia, Persia, India and beyond.

Optional: Tanzania - Zanzibar crossing  in traditional Dhow (slave sailboat)

8d/7n - Min 2 pax - camping / budget
from € 2140.00 pp

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Ghana’s Slave Castles


The Shocking Story of the Ghanaian slave trade.

On the coast of Ghana you will find numerous old castles and forts. These forts, which marked the beginning of the dangerous journey of the slaves at the time of the slave trade, and were the last reminders that the slaves had of their homeland before they were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, never to return.

8d/7n - min 6 pers - 4star hotel
from € 1680.00 pp

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West African slave trails & Voodoo experience

Togo, Benin & Ghana

For the chained, beaten and marked slaves, the journey often began with a journey of many kilometers. This west African slave route runs from the interior of Togo over Benin to Ghana into the "Gate of no Return".

Voodoo and black magic, an experience never to be forgotten.

8d/7n - min 6 pers
from € 1220.00 pp
12d/11n - min 6 pers
from € 1870.00 pp

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Exploration abandoned and forgotten objects in Ukraine. Abandoned cities, towns, villages, industrial objects, military units. Urbex Expeditions.

World of urban exploration. Most interesting abandoned places round the world and our’s urbex expeditions..



The Urbextour project is a community of urban explorers and extreme guides.

For many years we have been exploring another side of the city: its underground and roofs, secret bunkers, abandoned places, Pripyat and Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. With an experienced urbex guide you can go throw underground drain tunnels, abandoned buildings and rooftops. The stalker-guide will take you on a walking trip through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Pripyat and “Duga-1”. Together with our guides you can go for a few days in the longest underground labyrinth of the world – The Odessa Catacombs.

Chernobyl Extreme.

Discover a fascinating post-apocalyptic world, devoid of human activity.

4/5 days in complete freedom to explore without any obstacles sights considered unsafe.

No Fear !!!

All tours are on request

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