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United Kingdom

England: Mysterious experiences

Let yourself be enchanted by the mysterious atmosphere of England and his history that has been kept secret for too long.
Discover the hidden face of this region, rich in extraordinary stories that come to life before your very eyes, as well as enigmatic anecdotes, peculiar beliefs and disturbing facts.

Discovering Wales: A itinerary experiencing Wales haunted places featuring ghost walks, museums, castles and historic houses, ancient pubs and a prison. 

Ireland is the realm of legend and mystery. Leap Castle is considered the most haunted castle in Ireland, and Castle Leslie has its share of poltergeists; by the banks of the Shannon, you may see a “Phuca” or two. It will take a brave soul to venture amid cold drafts, shrieks and bumps in the night!!!

This is a fantastic adventure tour that includes some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery, culture, and amazing history.

Scotland: Haunted  Adventure
Scotland’s long and turbulent past has left its eerie mark in many historic castles and legendary landmarks. From the ghosts of those who met a sinister demise to the mystical beasts that lurk in the watery depths of Loch Ness – this spine-chilling tour will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

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