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Templars - Historical Explorations

Belgium - France - Portugal - Schotland

In 1119, the nobleman Hugo of Payns initiated the founding of a knightly order he called the Poor Warriors of Christ and the Temple of Solomon - later known simply as the Knights Templar. 
The purpose of the order was to protect pilgrims. Because of its religious nature, he set up the order as a monastic order. Thus, its members were knights and monks at the same time. Fighting and praying went well together during the Crusades.

Templars - Historical discoveries

In their existence between 1128 and 1314, the Templars left countless traces. All over Europe, physical and tangible evidence of their existence remains today.

In search of Templar traces in Europe
Belgium: Westhoek - Bouillon - Orval.
France: Paris - Provins - Troyes - Vézelay - Avallon - .............
Portugal: Tomar - .................
Scotland: Rosslyn - Balantradoch - ................. 

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